Robin’s holistic approach to wellness looked at all of my needs

“Robin’s holistic approach to wellness looked at all of my needs beginning with first asking what was most important to me. That simple question reassured me that this process could work and I was willing to give it a chance despite my nervousness. Together we agreed to try and tackle my headaches with a gradual diet and nutrition change that should also lead to weight loss over time. She customized a plan based on my eating and lifestyle habits, current medications, and lifestyle challenges. Each week when we met she was prepared with research on specific topics unique to my situation, articles on nutritional science, and information on how to read labels, recipes, shopping lists, and new meal ideas. The changes have been gradual.  At times, I became frustrated and Robin was able to walk me through the “science” of the nutritional changes, and how they will take time.  She has absolutely convinced me I am leading and “eating” a better way. After 3 months, I feel like a new person with my headaches reduced by half, the weight is coming off, and I have a renewed sense of energy.”