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WPIX 11, New York: Portable Snacks Can be healthy

Packing snacks on the go for the kids can offer healthy alternatives.

Fox5, New York : TikTok Food Crazes: What You Need to Know

There are so many TikTok videos pushing food claims. Nutritionist Robin DeCicco steers you through the truth

WPIX11, New York: The Truth About Fat Free Foods

Robin appears on New York’s WPIX 11 to discuss the truth about fat-free foods

Fox5, New York: Back to School: Nutritious Food Ideas

Some nutritious food ideas your kids may love.

WPIX11, New York : What Makes a Healthy Breakfast

How to start your morning off right with healthy breakfast options.

WPIX11, New York: How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

Robin appears on New York’s WPIX 11 to explain the 3 main parts of a healthy lunch. Plus how Tamsen and Arrianee can give their lunches an extra boost.

WPIX11, New York: Healthy grab-and-go snacks for your next road trip

Instead of going for salty, greasy chips or a chocolate bar to eat while out on the road, you may want to consider healthier alternatives.

FOX5 Washington, DC : Breaking Up with Sugar

There’s hidden sugars in some of your favorite foods. It’s not you, it’s me — and it’s time to say goodbye.

WPIX11, New York: Summer Snacking

Robin appears on New York’s WPIX 11 to discuss healthy alternatives to snacking in the summer time

WPIX11, New York

So-called healthy foods may actually be unhealthy foods in disguise! Robin DeCicco explains why some “good for you” foods are doing the opposite.

WPIX11 NY: Summer BBQ swaps

Tasty ways to make your summer BBQ’s more healthy.

FOX5 Good Day NY : Breaking Up with Sugar

Robin appears on New York’s Good Day New York to discuss breaking up with sugar

Fox32 Chicago: Small steps you can take for healthier cookouts

Certified holistic nutritionist Robin DeCicco talks about small changes you can make at your Memorial Day cookouts to improve the meal’s richness and nutritional benefits.

Fox4: Your Healthy Family: Misinformation on food labels

You may think you’re eating the right foods because they have the words “healthy” or “full of fiber” on the box or label, but most of those phrases are just marketing claims.

Fox32 Chicago: Healthy summer snacking tips

Holistic nutritionist Robin DeCicco dishes out some great ideas for healthy snacks to keep you going this summer.

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