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I’m known for two things:
My NO BS APPROACH to changing how you eat, and the simple BABY STEPS I deliver to help you do just that.

Hi, I’m Robin

              I’m here to:

Challenge your habits

Hold you accountable

Put you in the driver’s seat of your health


Make the right choice

Take back your control


Robin DeCicco, a certified holistic nutritionist

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Robin DeCicco teaches healthy eating habits with her Power of Food Education

A Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I am an expert in the areas of weight loss, label reading, gluten-free and other food allergies and teaching mindfulness related to eating patterns.

The Power of Food Education is my virtual private practice, which promotes overall health by combining the most recent scientific findings with specific interventions that lead to health and balance.

As a result, clients learn how to become proactive about their health by learning to approach food with a different mindset – – one that does not acknowledge fad diets, but one that understands the food choices we make shape the rest of our lives.