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1:1 Individualized Targeted Nutrition Counseling

Robin takes the time to understand you and your specific health history and your health goals and works with you to develop a plan that best fits your needs. She works with you to improve your health thru eating whole foods, movement and self-care practices.

(All sessions are conducted virtually)


The benefits of eating whole foods rather than diet foods that trade nutrients for artificial ingredients

How whole foods act as preventive medicine in the body

How feelings of exhaustion, mental fog, anxiety and stress correlate to making poor food choices

How to change habits through behavior modification strategies

  • What causes stress and how to connect stressful triggers to eating patterns 

How to implement long-lasting changes that result in optimal health

The power of the mind-body connection


Health and Wellness Support

Prevention and Maintenance 
How to reduce the risk of disease and minimize the impact of genetic factors. 

Cardiovascular Diseases 
Development of lifestyle plans that can aid in the prevention of cardiovascular-related diseases. Learn how the right food choices can act as preventative medicine, even for those with high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood pressure. 

Work with families on food aversions, picky eaters and those having trouble gaining/losing weight by using behavioral tips to ensure there is a follow-thru system in place for both parents and kids.

Diabetics learn how to revamp their diets to include the right foods to help manage their diabetes, including the highest quality grains and whole foods. Learn to recognize the hidden names for sugar! 

Gastrointestinal Conditions 
Use a mind-body approach to help minimize symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders.

College Preparation

Teach college students how to take care of themselves nutritionally. Focus on navigating dining halls, how to make healthy & balanced decisions, the right snacks to keep in a dorm room for increased immunity, brain power and overall fuel/function.

Food Allergies 
Learn how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy allergy-friendly foods and recognize the negative impact of many food replacements. 

Weight Loss 
Develop a plan designed specifically for you, based on your eating habits and patterns.  Clients learn that the brands of food they eat might not be as healthy as they thought.

Cancer Prevention

Target specific type of disease by making recommendations researched to minimize symptoms and aid in preventing reoccurrence.

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